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Fractional Ownership as an Alternative

Actually not difficult to Organize. Getting through the Variables can be a bit Tricky!

Here's some Thoughts!



After having reviewed, over time, the increased activity relative to alternative ownership potentials in both the Real Estate and the Yachting Industry, I have chosen to create this vehicle for both those interested in purchasing fractional, time shares as well as provide a resource for operators/developers to present their products. This section of my site will be treated on a referral basis for all parties. It is my intention to work within the realm of qualified offerings and customers where I am comfortable referring either way. Being in the Catamaran Industry, primarily, the listings that you will find are going to be driven toward those interested in catamarans, though selectively I will consider mono-hulls as well as real estate.

Why these alternatives? There will always be that group of yachtsmen who will own yachts privately and commercially for their own personal/corporate satisfaction. I applaud them and look forward to working with those individuals in finding the right yacht to meet their specific needs!! What we are finding though is that the cost of ownership continues to spiral as Marina properties turn toward Real Estate developers, insurance costs continue to increase in attempts to cover losses due to over active hurricane seasons and potential owners find that they have less and less time available to manage the requirements of yacht ownership and still have the time for owner usage. With this in mind, for those who wish to explore this alternative I am going to break the offering into specific groups. I f you are interested please feel free to contact me either by phone or email.

There are a few key points that need to be reviewed as you consider the different offerings:

1.  COSTS, generally each fractional program consists of Capital Cost, monthly maintenance and management as well as potential variable costs typically related to usage, i.e. fuel, transient dockage, provisioning, possibly the Captain depending on the yacht and size. Ownership is generally in shares of an LLC and usually has an end of term date where the vessel is sold and residual returns are distributed back to the shareholders. Each program identifies the number of shares per the LLC agreement, this can vary from typically (4) to as many as (10) based on yacht size.

2.  USAGE, this will vary depending on the number of shares, downtime for maintenance and delivery time if to be operated out of multiple locations, usually established in the offerings. Usage in some arrangements may be sold for income where a charter opportunity exists within the program.

3.  LOCATIONS, typically pre-defined for booking purposes by the owners.

4. YACHT TYPE, Typically new yachts, though there are the possibilities of a used yacht where there is an agreed upon Fractional opportunity to present. As noted above I am focusing the opportunities primarily around the Catamaran Marketplace.

These are the basics. Each offering needs to be considered in detail in that very few are operated in the same fashion. There are potential finance options, there is the potential of tax advantages. Each must be taken into consideration separately and legal and tax advise is recommended in any case prior to proceeding to any purchase. In that the trick is to fill a complete yacht by the parameters of the offering, most offerings are presented without an ordered or pre-purchased yacht, therefore refundable deposits, time dated are often taken be sure that these terms are understood and what the requirements are once a complete group of shareholders have been assembled.

Interested if further details? John Anderson 954-821-6450